Arizona Legal Gambling Ages

Arizona Ages For Gambling
Land Based Casinos21
Poker Rooms21
Dog/Horse Racing21
Online Casinos21
Online Sports Betting21
Online Poker21
Online Bingo21

Very few states carry legal gambling ages as easy as the Arizona Legal Gambling Ages. In Arizona, there is one age that governs every form of gambling in the state. In the state of Arizona, the legislature has solidified the gambling age, regardless of what form of gambling you are attempt to play, at 21. If you are under 21, you cannot gamble legally. If you are over 21, you may play any game you wish without anyone telling you otherwise - provided you do so in a legal establishment.

Land based gambling in Arizona is far and wide. There are many casinos offering a full range of games all over the state. All of these casinos are tribal entities, and thus operate slots and table games alike. There is also a state lottery, which is connected to PowerBall, Mega Millions, and their own Pick 6 number. Poker rooms can also be found in the casinos. Only sports betting has really been left out of the states options for gambling, as there are federal laws barring this form of gambling from operating. Horse and dog race betting also require that you be 21 in order to get in on the games.

Bovada Sportsbook
Online Casinos For Arizona residents

Online casinos work very similarly to the land based casinos in the state of Arizona. The legal gambling ages in Arizona do not change solely because the games are taking place online. The online casino legal gambling ages are 21, just like with the land based casinos.

Las Vegas USA Casino - 125% Match Bonus

Las Vegas USA Casino is one casino that will take you if you live in Arizona. They provide over 80 different games for players to enjoy. They offer a free 125% match bonus to all new players making their first deposit. Deposit methods include credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. Las Vegas USA Casino is one of the RTG casinos, which means they will provide you with some of the best games to ever hit the market. Just make sure you reach the proper gambling age before you join.

Legal Arizona Online Casinos
Las Vegas USA200% to $1,000VISIT
Bovada Casino100% to $500VISIT
Lucky Red Casino400% to $4,000VISIT Casino100% to $500 X 10VISIT
Sports Betting Sites For Arizona residents

Online sports betting is the only way you can legally bet on sports in the state of Arizona. If you find an underground bookmaker in the state you are not only breaking the law, but you are also risking injury and damages. If you bet on sports over the Internet, you have to be at least 21 years old.

Bovada Sportsbook - Best For All Arizona Sports

While searching for online sportsbooks, we found that Bovada is probably the best choice you have available. When you bet through Bovada you are entitled to receive a free 20% match bonus on your first deposit. This bonus carries a limit of $100 when making the deposit. Bovada gives you access to betting lines covering every sport, including horse and dog races. No matter where you want to place your wager, you will be able to do so through Bovada's sportsbook.

Legal Arizona Online Sportsbooks
Bovada Sportsbook100% to $250VISIT
SportsBetting Sportsbook 75% to $1,000VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook50% to $2,500VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook50% to $520VISIT
Online Poker For Arizona residents

If you would rather play poker online, you may do so provided you are above the age of 21. Online poker will let you have access to table games and tournaments without any complication. There are many online poker rooms, but some are seemingly dishonest. We only host the best on our site.

BetOnline Poker - Top Poker Site in Arizona

BetOnline Poker Online poker can easily be played through BetOnline's gambling site. We have found that BetOnline allows their players to sit at any number of digital felts and play most of the famous poker variants. Their 25% match bonus is the best in the industry, offering up to $900 in free cash. They also have built in rake-back, which will give you money if you accumulate enough frequent player points. BetOnline is one of our favorite online poker rooms and we are sure that they will prove to be equally excellent when you go to use them.

Top 2 Arizona Poker Sites
BetOnline Poker50% to $2,500VISIT
SportsBetting Poker 75% To $1,000VISIT
Online Bingo For Arizona residents

Bingo is another game that can be found online. Many online bingo rooms offer thousands of patterns, so the game is always fresh. We have noted that, to legally play bingo in the state, you have to be at least 21 years of age. Keep this in mind before you join the online bingo sites.

Vic's Bingo - Open To Legal Arizona Gamblers

Vic's Bingo is our one preferred online bingo site. You will be able to play bingo very easily through their site, with hundreds upon hundreds of cards to choose from. Vic's bingo provides a 250% match bonus, which will get you started on all of their games. If you exceed the Arizona legal gambling ages, you are entitled to play Bingo through Vic's. There are too many advantages to online bingo to list here, and all of them are embodied in Vic's Bingo hall, one of the top bingo sites online open to Arizona gamblers.

Top 2 Arizona Bingo Sites
Vic's BingoUp To 250% MatchVISIT
BingoHall.comUp To 250% MatchVISIT