Legal Poker Gambling Age

The legal poker gambling age is like much like the other gambling ages. It is entirely dependent on the state. Normally, lawmakers do not separate gambling ages by different gambling types. Usually, the divisions are sports betting, casino games, and horse races. Everything that you find in a casino, from poker to slots, all fall under the umbrella of the legal gambling age for casinos. The reason for that is rather simple - Poker is primarily played in casinos and card rooms. For that reason, you can default to the legal gambling age of casinos for your state.

But there are some inconsistencies when you are talking about the legal age to gamble on poker. Sometimes, the age division between tribal casinos and state-operated casinos are different. There are also some states that outright ban casinos and the legal gambling age for poker does not exist. There are a lot of variables to consider with the legal poker gambling age and this page is designed to help you out. Continue to read this page if you want to know how you can find out the legal poker gambling age for your state.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Play Poker For Money?

How old you need to be to play poker for money really depends on what state you live in. Gambling laws are created by each individual state. Some states decide that being 18 years old is old enough to gamble at a casino which means you just need to be 18 to play poker for money. But there are plenty of states that say that gamblers need to be 21 years or older to play poker for cash. States regulate their own gambling industries and for that reason, you will need to check your local laws to find out how old you need to be to bet on poker. Lucky for you, we have done most of the leg work and you can find that information for your state on this site.

What Is The Online Poker Gambling Age?

To find out the online poker gambling age, you need to look at your state gambling laws. Online offshore gambling sites do not have to follow state or federal laws when it comes to their operation. However, there is always one specific law that all our recommended online offshore casinos follow. They always adhere to the law about gambling age. The reason is to not create confusion for customers between online casino age and state-based casino age. Plus, online casinos need to see a customer’s ID to confirm their age and who they say they are.

State-licensed poker sites are operated in the same way. The reason for that is simple, state-based online casinos are operated by the state. That means that they receive all their rules and regulations and are controlled by gambling commissions that are within the state. All of that combined means that state-licensed online gambling sites that offer poker must absolutely adhere to the state laws regarding the legal gambling age. So, check your local laws for the gambling age if you want to bet on poker.

States That Allow Poker Players At 18

Most of the states in the country dictate that you have to be 21 years or older to gamble at a casino. But this is not always necessarily the case. There are a few states out there that allow for those who are the age of 18 or older to play poker for money. There is really no specific reason why some states allow for 18-year-olds to play or not. It could be because they are allowed to vote and some say no because it is 21 to drink and most casinos serve alcohol. Here is a list of states that allow 18-year-olds to play poker:

Rhode Island

Legal Sports Betting Age FAQs

Yes, most Indian reservations allow you to play poker as soon as you turn 18. But of course, there is an exception to this rule. Some states do not allow you to play poker for cash until you are 21, even at Indian reservations. The way you can check is by calling the specific casino you are interested in playing in and ask how old you need to be to play poker.