Legal Sports Betting Age

The legal sports betting age is a key factor when trying to place a wager on your favorite team. Legal ages for wagering on sports can either be set at 18, 19, or 21 depending on your location within the U.S. As more and more states continue to make sports betting legal, the ages for each state will be based on their laws regarding the matter. But again, there are two main ages that are offered either 18 or 21. Most states will have a legal sports betting age of 21 when they legalize the pastime as only a handful offer their product for younger gamblers. This means that no matter the platform, be it land-based or mobile, bettors must be 21 in order to engage in the activity at certain states.

Offshore sports betting sites run a bit differently because they are licensed and regulated through the countries where they have their businesses. These sites allow members to legally wager on sports at the age of 18. In states where there is no progress toward making sports betting legal, the age to join these sites will depend on the age it’s legal to gamble in the state. If it’s 18, then that is the age you must be to legally abide by your state’s laws when joining an offshore site. Be sure to check the laws of your state before becoming a member of one of these legal USA online sportsbooks.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet On Sports?

The age to legally bet on sporting events varies by state. After PASPA was repealed in 2018, states were given the opportunity to choose whether or not to legalize sports betting on a state to state basis. This means that each state in the country where they allow residents to wager on sports legally has its own sets of rules. There is no one law in place on a national level which means there is no set age either. Checking your state's current laws is your best bet to finding out when a gambler can place a bet on sports. Most states that have made the pastime legal go with the standard age of 21 as is the age when all fun things are legal to do. However, a select few have set the age at 18 and unless you’re a political buff, learning that you can wager on sporting events when you reach your 18th birthday sounds much more exciting than being able to vote at the next election does.

What Is The Online Sports Betting Age?

The online sports betting age comes in two parts, offshore sportsbooks, and state-run internet sportsbooks. Offshore sports betting sites have a standard age of 18 for members to join and use their services to bet on the games. No matter where your state lies on the legality of sports betting, it is legal in all states to use offshore sportsbooks. While the age is set at 18, it is best to wait until you’ve reached the proper gambling age of the state where you reside though. As most sportsbooks have a terms and conditions clause that states you must abide by local laws, waiting until 21 will allow you to avoid any issues that you may run into by the state if you’re caught gambling underage.

When it comes to sportsbooks run by states that have legal sports betting, the age to use their internet platforms is the same as their ages would be to go to a land-based facility. Each state will have the age written in their laws where it will most likely be either be 18 or 21. Most states have their laws in place with the legal age of 21 when it comes to sports betting. However, this is not a hard and fast rule implemented by all states that have embraced legal wagering on sporting events. If you live in a state where sports betting has been made legal, be sure to check how old the law of your state says sports bettors need to be before trying to place your bets.

States That Allow Sports Betting At 18

If you’re using an offshore sportsbook, then 18 is the age for all legal sports betting. Many states that do not have legal sports betting will have residents use the legal gambling age like that of the state lotteries to go on. Typically states have the lottery age set at 18 so that gamblers can both gamble and then smoke cigarettes either in a celebratory manner or to take the edge off of losing. Some states make it very clear that the gambling age is 21 whether or not they have legal sports wagers. And to reiterate, it’s in a gambler’s best interest to abide by state law. The states that allow sports betting at age 18 include states such as Arizona, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and more. Keep in mind that some states may permit 18-year-olds at certain tribal casinos even if the state sets a minimum age for sports betting at 21.

Legal Sports Betting Age FAQs

Each state has different sports betting ages because each state has different laws on the matter. It’s the same as with any other laws in a state. They differ as each state is different. The only laws that carry weight across the board are federal laws. But state laws on every issue are tweaked and tailored for that state making the ages for sports betting laws vary.